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I talk to people every day who are trapped in a well-paying corporate job they hate - dreaming of being an entrepreneur - terrified of the risk of taking the first step.....

I started my first business in my early 20’s. Since then I have established many successful businesses. This has included a Beauty Salon, Recruitment Agency, Retail Homewares, Upcycled Furniture and a Management Consultancy, amongst others. I made my first six figures in 1994, when I was 24 years old. In fact I made almost $400K that year. Not bad at 24! I have done this over and over and I now show others how to do the same.

I learnt the hard way, over the last 30 years. You don’t have to.

Now I am not saying I got it right every time. I definitely didn’t. But I learned along the way and over time created a formula that works, that is tried and tested and ALWAYS gives results. This is what I now share with my clients – my step by step process to becoming a successful entrepreneur. How to make more money than you have ever dreamed of, doing something you love that offers you flexibility and work life balance. It took me nearly 30 years to learn all of this. I did it the hard way, by falling down, dusting myself off and getting up again….over and over. Now you don’t have to. By following my process you WILL make money. 

Can you imagine earning more money than you ever dreamt of, with flexibility and work life balance? It is possible and I can show you how.

I know I can build a successful business and make money – period. I have proven it. This skill has given me so many more options in life. It has enabled me to live the life of my dreams. I want other women to have these same choices too. To have time to spend with their family, to care for themselves, to not have to stay in an unhappy relationship because they can’t afford to support their family on their own. The opportunity to have such an impact on another woman’s life is so empowering and so very satisfying. It’s what drives me. 

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