As a seasoned corporate executive, I am a business expert, strategist and leader.....

With almost 30 years in the corporate world, as a Human Resource and Change Management Executive, I am a seasoned strategist, business expert and a powerful leader. I also know what it’s like to be a highly paid executive and how scary it can be to risk giving this up to build a business – even if you hate your current job. I have made this transition and my wish is to help you do this too.


I bought my first house at 19 and started my first business shortly after that. At age 24 I made $400k.

As an entrepreneur, I am a fierce and independent woman. I am driven to achieve and thrive on stretching myself. I know I can do anything I put my mind to and can overcome any obstacle life throws at me. This might not be you yet, but this is a skill you can learn.....and I can teach you. I am so passionate about helping women develop the skills and confidence they need to create financial freedom for themselves and their families.  


I teach my clients how to make money as an Entrepreneur today..........

I learnt the hard way and made lots of mistakes along the way. You don't have to. Using my proven formula, developed over years of trial and error, I teach my clients how to make money in business today. I will give you the tools you need and share the secrets to my success.....so you can build a six figure business and beyond this year. What are you waiting for. Lets do this together, NOW!

Selecting the right Coach

 There are millions of Coaches in the world. Most of them do an amazing job.The connection between Coach and Client is essential -  the fit has to be right. I have absolutely no doubt that I can teach you how to make money in business. But am I the right coach for you? Only you can decide that and only after you have spent time with me, determining if the fit is right. Book an initial consult today and find out if I am the one to lead you to untold success!  

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